The Tara Salt Flat is located 125 kilometers away from San Pedro de Atacama, in second region of Chile. It is part of the Los Flamencos National Reserve, near the tripartite point named Zapaleri that brings together Bolivia, Argentina and Chile. It is located at an altitude 4300 meters above sea level. During the way to the Salt Flat, a maximum height of 4650 meters above the sea level is reached. It is located on the “boiler” Vilama Volcano, and has a rich biosystem with amazing flora and fauna.It’s a spectacular destination for hiking and taking pictures.

In the Tara Salt Flat is possible to find a lot of flamingos, who take refuge there in breeding season and vicunas, culpeo fox, puna guinea pig, chululos, caities, Andean gulls, puna plovers, ducks and pallet guallata. It’s flora consists mainly of wetlands, yellow straw broom sedge, water and tola tola amaia.

The area has other two great tourist attractions which are visited on the same expedition: These are the mythicals Pacana Monks and the stately Cathedrals of Tara.

The Pacana Monks are huge vertical rocks formations that have been shaped by wind erosion over millions of years, mimicking the silhouette of monks. They are located at 100 kilometers from San Pedro de Atacama, at the point of entry to the path to the Tara Slat Flat. They are also called “Sentinels of Tara” or “Moais of Tara” because if similarity with these majestic sculptures on Easter Island.

The Cathedrals of Tara, also known as Ash Cathedrals are giant rock formations formed by ash spelled from the Vilama Volcano thousands of years ago in one of its eruptions. Because wind erosion have acquired impressive circular walls and giant spiral forms.

Necessary gear: Warm clothe (gloves, hat, polar jacket, windbreaker, etc), sunglasses and sun protection,
Tips: Take a light breakfast in the morning. Enough water should be considered also.
Approximately expedition time: From 8AM (departure from San Pedro de Atacama) until around 4PM (arrival to San Pedro de Atacama)

Service includes:
– Private transportation  (4×4 vehicle).
– Guided visits (english/spanish).

– Cold lunch. Coffee and fruits.